5 Ways to Protect Your Vacant Chula Vista House While it's on the Market

Posted on 08-30-2017 by Joe Marcotte

Whatever the reason your house might be vacant, maybe you've moved into a new house or perhaps it was rented and now it's vacant, you want to protect it while it's on the market. You don't want any squatters taking up residence in your house, especially while you're trying to show it. So, how can you keep your home safe? Here are five simple ways to keep your vacant house safe while it is on the market.

#1. Secure all entrances.

Make sure that everything is well locked up including any sliding doors, windows, any entrances and make sure that all doors have deadbolts and door tracks have metal or wooden sticks in the track to prevent the window from opening.

#2. Put any lights on timers.

Make sure that there are no broken bolts and put lights on timers or motion sensors so that they come on with any motion or during the evening. You might even consider putting lights on timers inside the house so it looks like someone is there.

#3. Don't leave an email or newspapers outside on the porch.

If newspapers or mail in the mailbox start to add up, people will start to suspect that no one is living in the house or that it is not visited that often.

#4. Notify local police officers.

By notifying local law enforcement that the house is vacant, they can keep an eye on the property from time to time. Mostly stations will be accommodating and can ensure that additional attention is paid to the house.

#5. Install a security system.

This is one of the more expensive ways to protect your home but it definitely can help the house is on the market. Consider installing a security system that will keep the home so far and it will increase value as well, making it more enticing for potential buyers.

If you're planning on listing your home within the next few months give us a call. We'd love to give you a free estimate on the valuation of your property and how quickly it will sell in the Chula Vista market.