Should I use a Short Sale Agent for a Chula Vista Home Purchase?

Posted on 09-19-2017 by Joe Marcotte

Should I use a Short Sale Agent for a Home Purchase?

If you're considering buying a short sale property should you use a short sale agent that specifically deals in short sales or knows about the process or is it okay to use any real estate agent?

While any real estate agent that is licensed in the state of California can offer representation for buyers and sellers with any real estate transaction we highly recommend going with a specified short sale agent if you're going to purchase a short sale property.

Unless the agent has gone through the process and understands the communication, the steps involved and how to correctly fill out the necessary paperwork, it can get confusing and frustrating for the buyer, seller, listing agent, not to mention that buyers agent.

There are so many steps involved to a short sale process and you're dealing with a variety of parties including the lender, the bank, the seller owner, listing agent plus any other parties that have liens on the property, it really helps to have an agent that knows how to handle all parties involved. The communication must be diligent and if things are left to long, the property could go into foreclosure. Having a trained, skilled and experienced short sale agent means your transaction is being handled accurately and legally. Many non-short sale agents get into a short sale transaction and get frustrated, confused, and tend to drop the ball. I can't tell you how many times we've had to deal with other agents that have never dealt with a short sale before and they have missing paperwork, no communication, and leave their clients frustrated and irritated.

We strongly recommend if you're going to buy or sell a short sale property that you use an agent that is skilled and experienced in short sale transactions. Give us a call today for the best deals on short sales and foreclosures in Chula Vista.