Temp Restaurant

Posted on 09-26-2017 by Jeanette Sanchez

TEMP RESTAURANT 277 Third Ave Recently, I frequented Temp, a new restaurant in Downtown Chula Vista. Chef Steve Brown is a charismatic local boy from Imperial Beach. I had the pleasure to attend a special event; 9 course dinner with wine pairing. All 9 courses were with Japanese grade A-5 Satsuma Wagyu. The food was not only delicious but elegantly presented with an explanation of each course and the paired wine. I was blown away by Chef Brown’s clever dessert creation! He made a cherry chocolate brownie utilizing rendered fat that he infused into the brownie. He also accompanied the brownie with homemade “Dipp’n Dots” style nitrogen ice cream…demonstrated in front of the dinner guests! This was an amazing evening that I’ll never forget! If you need a great dinner/brunch spot in Chula Vista, try Temp, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Our goal is to enrich consumers by providing the latest information on East Chula Vista Real Estate and happenings. We specialize in Eastlake Real Estate,  Bonita Real Estate, Otay Ranch Real Estate, and all of the areas within close proximity. Feel free to give us a call to discuss topics like: the value of your home, how we can represent you buying a property, off market listings, and any related questions to managing your investment property.